As an athlete I am perfectly aware of the importance of choosing the right trainer, not only for beginners, but also for those who already have a lot of successes and still want more. Therefore, I constantly try to keep my qualifications as high as possible. Working with people allows me to constantly expand my experience, although I know that theory is also necessary to be fully professional.

Each, even the smallest achievement is a step forward for me, and I will add that I really do not like standing still. Therefore, as a teenager, I measured high so that my own successes could later be used as the best lesson. Winning contests, competitions, championships or continuously defeating weaknesses are just one side of the coin. On the other hand, there must also be formal confirmation of skills, which is why training, workshops and professional experience are an inseparable element of my activity.

Among my achievements at the beginning of the list will certainly be the completion of undergraduate studies in the direction of a dietician with a sports specialty in 2013. This allowed me to, first of all, learn the theory of the field of interest to me and explore the secrets of healthy eating, especially for physically active people. Already during my studies I worked as an instructor at the gym, which additionally deepened my practical skills and supplemented my theoretical knowledge.

After graduation, I continued to work as a sports instructor. At the same time, I started the adventure that continues until today with writing out diets for the charges. At that time I did not give up deepening my knowledge, which is why I was constantly involved in various types of training. I have obtained diplomas from completing courses: nutrition in sport; fitness trainer and dietetics, training in supplementation, as well as a personal trainer course. In addition, I obtained the basis for the profession of a personal trainer thanks to the international qualifications of the Register of Exercise Professionals. This is not a reason for me to rest on my laurels, so at least once a year I try to participate in appropriate improvement training, which each time improves my competences, including training in physiotherapy, prevention of injuries in sport and many others.

As a personal trainer for my achievements I also include successes of my students. They shape my opinion about me and are a perfect example of everything being possible. During my career I had to deal with many clients who trusted me. For some of them the goal was to lose weight, while others seriously thought about joining sport, including bodybuilding, among others. Everyone who managed to reach what they set for themselves is a great motivation for me and a proof that I do my job in the best possible way.