뉴토끼 webtoon site address and latest shortcut

뉴토끼 site is one of the free webtoon sites. To learn about Korean webtoon culture, it’s good to watch webtoon works in advance.

I don’t know everything about the Korean webtoon market. However, since I have seen Korean webtoon sites for a long time, I can see what characteristics they have, so let’s find out how to enjoy them.

There are many free webtoon sites, but you can see the newtoki site as a representative. In Korean, it’s New Rabbit It’s also the place with the most users.

Although it is not well known all over the world, you can see various Korean webtoons. This place offers not only regular webtoons but also Japanese comics and web novels.

뉴토끼 (newtoki) Site Address Shortcut.

뉴토끼 - newtoki
뉴토끼 – newtoki

If the site address is blocked, please note that you can access it quickly through the alternative site and bypass the method below


▶ Go to 뉴토끼 사이트 – newtoki latest address (link)

Addresses change regularly, so it’s a good idea to know where to go if you can.

There is a pattern where the number after the domain changes. So far, it is newtoki153, but if the address is changed in the future, you can access the address below.

Next change address: newtoki153 , newtoki154 , newtoki155 , newtoki156 , newtoki157, newtoki158 , newtoki159 , newtoki160

Site access reviews

All Korean cartoon sites can be viewed on mobile. The main feature is that the loading speed is fast.

If you look at the top menu, there is a 일반웹툰 menu. If you enter here, you can see various webtoon works.

There are 14 webtoon genres in total, and I like fantasy cartoons.

You can easily search for new and existing works and You can search the webtoon that you want to find through the search box.

There’s also a free web novel called 북토끼. It’s also a newtoki’s brother site. It’s managed by the same operator, and updates are continuing.

And on the Japanese cartoon menu, you can see famous masterpieces in Japan.

Is the newtoki site safe?
There is a newtoki hacking issue in Korea, but if you don’t directly download it, you don’t have to worry too much.

However, since it is not recommended by the government, it is recommended to use it through a bypass program or VPN.

Alternative site

Of course, there are various free webtoon sites besides New Rabbit.

▶ 무료 웹툰 사이트 TOP10 – Free Webtoon Sites Shortcut(link)

Representatively, there are Mana Rabbit, Wolf Dotcom, Kapitoon, and Book Rabbit. You can access it through the shelter.

Most people around the world are familiar with Japanese comics, but with the recent revitalization of the Korean webtoon market, they can enjoy a different kind of fun.

With the creation of various free sites in Korea, there are more opportunities to watch Korean cartoons.

If you cannot access the New Rabbit site, it may be because the domain address has changed.

To solve this problem, a temporary problem can be solved through a bypass application.

The Korean government is taking various measures to prevent illegal sites. New Rabbit is one of them, so it keeps blocking the connection.

If there is a continuous blockage in the address, the problem can be solved through the alternative site described above.


Best Site to Read Webtoons Online

Are you a webtoons fan and looking for a perfect website to watch web series?

If yes then, today I am going to show you one of the most amazing websites to watch web series and comics, etc. Nowadays finding a website that gives the latest webtoon instantly is not easy to find.

In Webtoon, you can either watch interesting and amazing story-telling web series or make your own; you can do anything and get life-loving fun. It has an amazing kind of storytelling Digital art.

Now the Question comes, “How is it different from others”. It’s the way of reading, neither like other comics. Webtoon is digital, you can read it on a PC, mobile, or any electronic device.

Basically, Webtoons are an updated version of old-style retro comic books; let’s have a look at the most common and popular platform deeply.

무료웹툰 – 무료웹툰사이트

We’re going to start with the most popular website for all types of web series-, webcomics, anything related to webtoon. It is also the First ever webtoon provider website.

Even though it’s the main webtoon provider site, but; it still gives entire offers free of cost, this website has a ton of genres and categories.

Free webtoon site has fine-quality comics, and all of them are original. No matter if it’s the latest web-series\comic, or it’s the oldest; you can find whatever you want on this website without any confusion. Usually, you can open this website on your PC, laptop, computer, etc. For a phone, there is a special app for webtoons.

무료웹툰.com has made an implementation for a firm system that helps you to see recent web series before their original releasing date. This is perfect for the fans that are impatient to wait days for the series. It provides a pass (Fast Pass) to read webtoons early on the releases; go and get the fast pass.

It’s a pass that will take digital webtoon coins to buy; you can purchase the coins from webtoon, or you can wait for some special events to come and grant you some coins.

You can get these entirely if you’ve enough patience.

Genres of 무료웹툰.com

Given genres belongs to 무료웹툰.com let’s have some look.

뉴토끼 사이트 주소 바로가기 – newtoki

1. Drama

If you want to see some dramas which will make you feel like you’re in another world? Then I think webtoon is the thing you were thinking about. Because it has a series that is ultra-realistic, once you read these series, then I don’t think you can get out of them!

2. Action

Webtoon doesn’t only have amazing drama but; has a high level of action. The action isn’t that hardcore, and neither is much light. All though it has excellent action. 

3. Romance

This is the most popular thing because they have it in a passionate 

무료웹툰 보는법



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